Don't just take it from us.

Listen to some testimonials from real practitioners and find out why they love the Aerosol Assist!

For dentists, it frees up the assistant to work on other tasks. For  hygienists, the Aerosol Assist is a valuable tool that acts as a third arm just as if a teammate was available to assist.


Best ROI on investment for your hygiene department. If you are using any other aerosol reduction equipment, we encourage you to see if supplementing your efforts with the Aerosol Assist improves your bottom line. 

Designed to not mess with your workflow, but seamlessly add an essential layer of protection and improve the patient experience. 

How does it improve your workflow?


  • Best ROI on investment 
  • High performance aerosol suppression for every procedure
  • Hands free
  • Intra-oral fluid removal
  • Predictable placement of saliva ejector
  • Less accidental drops
  • Less patients “holding” the saliva ejector out of the way for comfort
  • Easy to switch sides
  • One size fits all; No need to learn sizing
  • Portable; use in any operatory
  • Quick connect uses standard HVE
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Very stable


Why would you want to work in an environment without this level of protection?

From tutorials to downloadable instructions we made the learning curve as small as possible.

  • Contact transmission is greatly minimized due to a 90% + reduction in aerosols and splatter.
  • With splatter minimization and aerosol reduction, the Aerosol Assist makes operatory clean up easier.
  • Autoclavable
  • High-performance aerosol suppression
  • Easy to clean
  • Autoclavable
  • Portable
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Improves safety via general reduction of aerosols in the environment

Why would you not want to minimize your team’s exposure to surface contamination?

Aerosol suppression for every procedure just makes sense. Just like every practitioner wears a mask for safety. Why not stop it at the source? Let us help. 

  • Comfortable
  • Non-intimidating
  • Dry face/neck
  • Intra-oral fluid removal
  • Minimization of gag reflex
  • Minimizes TMJ concerns/pain
  • Added safety and peace of mind


When first used on patients, most patients comment they did not even notice a new device was being used. This is due to the comfort and ease they experience with the Aerosol Assist. In addition, most patients comment on how much they enjoy how dry they stay and the improvement of intra-oral fluid removal with the Aerosol Assist versus a saliva ejector.

  • As a dentist we are constantly bombarded with viruses, bacteria from patients who at times could be unaware that they have a cold. Aerosol suppression in each operatory minimizes the risk that dentists have been dealing with even prior to the current pandemic
  • I have used occassionaly when my patients have been unable to withstand using other isolating suction apparatuses. They preferred this as it did not put strain on their jaw and kept them dry. Primarily I’ve found that it is better for our hygienists as it allows them to quickly while using a cavitron
  • I liked how compact it was and how effective it was. When I first saw it I didnt think it would be as effective as it is at absorbing water in the patient’s mouth and from the handpiece. It allowed me to work without an assistant for certain procedures