Why become a distributor?

1- Aerosol Suppression WILL be standard moving forward… get in front of the new standard.

The Aerosol Assist is the most slimplistic, convenient, effective, aesthetically pleasing, affordable, practical solution available to address aerosol suppression and intra-oral fluid removal. Unbelievably gloves and facemasks were not a standard until the late 80s. We feel in 2-3 years we will look back and feel the same way about aerosol suppression. 

2- We want to be your partner, not another SKU in your inventory. 

At Pivatool, we understand that support is critical to the on ramping of a new product to your portfolio. We are committed to training  and will support your representatives via to following:

  • Online Live Webinars
  • Branded sales demo kits
  • Online Live demos for clients
  • Sponsored monetary incentive programs for sales reps
  • Co-Marketing Funds*
  • Branded Sales Tools

3- We continue sending customers your way. 

From compelling imagery of testing to marketing at trade shows, we are committed to building the Pivatool LLC, Aerosol Assist brand. Our marketing team generates brand awareness with visually impactful marketing content which is leveraged via various marketing tactics building interest and market awareness for our products.  We have many avenues that generate leads which are then handed off to trusted representatives to facilitate a continuous healthy relationship.

4- Last but not least… Margins.

At Pivatool we are founded on efficient design and we understand that our partners need healthy margins to effectively market our products to their clientele. From optimizing pallets to scaling up to reduce cost, our goal is to make sure prices reflect healthy returns that an end-user will find attractive. 

Sales Distributor Inquiry

If you are interested as a dental distributor in selling Aerosol Assist, please fill out this form. Thank you.