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Listen to some testimonials from real practitioners and find out why they love the Aerosol Assist!

Why Practitioners Love it!

See what the Dental Advisors say about the Aerosol Assist

See what the Hygiene Edge has to say about the Aerosol Assist

Why Patients Love it!

  • Comfortable
  • Non-intimidating
  • Dry face/neck
  • Intra-oral fluid removal
  • Minimization of gag reflex
  • Minimizes TMJ concerns/pain
  • Added safety and peace of mind


When first used on patients, most patients comment they did not even notice a new device was being used. This is due to the comfort and ease they experience with the Aerosol Assist. In addition, most patients comment on how much they enjoy how dry they stay and the improvement of intra-oral fluid removal with the Aerosol Assist versus a saliva ejector.

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